Published Feb 06,2020 by Step2StartUp

How to get character certificate in Pune or in India?

PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) or Character Certificate in India

Follow the below steps to apply online.

Step 1:

You need to apply for PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) or Character Certificate online. 

Step 2:

After online application gets sucessfully filed then go to your local area police station and submit the below documents as mentioned.

  1. School Leaving Certificate.
  2. Aadhar Card.
  3. Voter ID Card.
  4. PAN Card.
  5. Driving License.
  6. Ration Card.
  7. Current Light Bill.
  8. Index II or Leave & License Agreement.
  9. Property Tax Receipt.
  10. Tenant form.
  11. Witness form and neighbors self attested Aadhar card xerox.
  12. Documents required from the body which has asked for character certificate. 
  13. Character Application form
  14. Payment receipt

All the above documents need to submit in physical copy to your local area police station.

Step 3:

After successful submission of your documents to police commissioner office by your local police station. You will get intimation message.

Then you can inquire with Police commissioner office and get your PCC or Character Certificate from their.

[Police Commissioner Office of Pune City, Address: Behind Nucleus Mall, Sadhu Vaswani chowk, Church Path, Agarkar Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411001] Help to get the Character certificate online on immediate basis.