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What are the business ideas during Coronavirus India

What are the best business ideas during coronavirus in India?


A) Business scenario in coronavirus

B) Different modules of business

1. Surgical, Mask and sanitizer makers

2. Cleaning services

3. Delivery services

4. Grocery stores

5. Tiffin delivery services

6. Game makers, Software designer and sellers

7. Fitness equipment’s

8. Bakery products

9. Teach foreign languages

10. Exhibit expertise

D) Business owner must be prepared in advance after coronavirus lockdown

C) Conclusion

A) It’s time to grab new hidden opportunities.

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandamic almost every big business activity is shut with nill turnover in this global pandemic, but few small businesses including new starter are booming these days.  Established orgnaisations are forced to find innovative ways to copup the situation arising amid virus thread, it will come as no surprise if  conventional companies too start exploring the online options. 

B) Find here with the list of small businesses which is booming during the coronavirus pandemic Let’s turn this opportunity in to profit :

Surgical, Mask and sanitizer makers

Surgical equipment’s are always demanding products in the market and during corona disease there is huge demand of surgical products like syringe, Oxygen mask, Saline bottle and many surgical equipment’s are in high demand. At the beginning of 2020 there wasn’t demand of face mask and sanitizers, just a few months later it has become a popular choice for new entrepreneurs.

Cleaning services

These days hygiene is the top priority and there is no doubt that professional cleaning services that sanitize offices, restaurants and home are in high demand. Cleaning service providers like Alalamin industries (Mob - 7620647526), said substantially demand has been increased for commercial, Corporate buildings and restaurants.

Delivery services

Due to lockdown and fear of coronavirus people are afraid to leave their homes also government advised to stay home during the coronavirus crises. Delivery service provider professionals are one step ahead to make sure products should be delivered to businesses and homes. Coronavirus has urged to boost the overall deliveries. There is tremendous demand of deliveries in homes, corporate offices and local retail.

Grocery stores

Almost all the restaurants are closed their dining rooms to maintain social distancing and it has been restricted from the government authorities, many families are stocking up on goods and preparing food at home. This has trigger to large demand of local groceries shops.

Tiffin delivery services

New comers who are starting businesses of ready cooked food and delivery of tiffin’s to local residents who are looking for prepared food. Tiffin service providers are enjoying high demand due to closed down of restaurants. 

Game makers, Software designer and sellers

Board games and puzzles are popular these days due to lockdown people are spending their maximum time sitting at home and many businesses are coming towards digitalisation and focussing more on software’s, web applications and trying hard to generate leads from online.

Fitness equipment’s

With many gyms closed down since lockdown across the country now people have turned to home gyms in order to help them stay tune and physically fit during the coronavirus crisis. Whereas yoga mat sales increased and there is high demand of gym equipment purchases, other fitness products are also seeing success.

Bakery products

Food is the essential part of our life and bakery products made it easy. It is easily available in reasonable price. It is seen there is high demand of bread and other bakery products and it is easy for bakers to prepare and backed it very fast. Due to increase of bakery products, makers of flour and yeast are also in high demand these days.

Teach foreign languages

You can teach foreign languages if you are interested and aware. There are many students who are interested in foreign languages. Offer services on,The key thing again here is look for places or ways to put you in places that customers are looking.

Exhibit expertise

Many website provides platform to professional to showcase their expertise and allow them to charge for their services. For your information I am here mentioning few website names: Udemy, Freelancer and Skillshare. Expert’s recommendation is a person or organisation should share 1 video in a week on YouTube and start a weekly newsletter.


C) Important plans for existing businesses for the future of your business and be prepared in advance.

Find here with the 8 steps guide to get ready after corona virus lockdown.

1. Find leads and customers before time

2. Deal to heal your business in the current situation

3. Market your solutions with hard time

4. Make sure your services will still be relevant at later phases

5. Identify the potential challenges to your business

6. Plan solutions with several scenarios keeping in mind

7. Use different solutions to maintain daily operation

8. Implement tech upgrades to keep communication flowing in smooth way


D) Conclusion

- Planning must be done with great attention to details and put efforts in the right direction to achieve your business goals.
- Its good to have ideas but don't get flooded with it. It will waste your mental abilities and skills. Find the correct  and optimal ways of doing business. to know more Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon) recommends reading  of this book - The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

- The products or services offered should be user friendly and easy to understand. Before starting any business get the proper idea, check business feasibility, The location and customer footfall so on.

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